Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Steampunk New Years Eve Tea Party!

Join us for a Steampunk Tea Party at our house on New Years Eve.

All the fine china (I have enough cups and saucers for about 50 people and enough tea for 100) hot tea and baked goods (and finger sandwiches!) you can manage and some steampunk parlor games or readings or storytelling or crafts and so on to occupy us until Midnight and beyond.

We live in Santa Clara , so guests would need to make their way to the South Bay, but we could probably manage some crash space. We also have two indoor cats who are super friendly but shed.

What to Bring:

  • Yourself

  • Wayward Friends and Family

  • Any Small Children you belong to

  • Something stylish And Steampunky to wear

  • An iPod of music you enjoy

  • Party games you like to play (hey, we can even keep it Historical! Wink anyone?)

  • Any celebratory streamers/horns/hats/etc you have hanging around (or kidnap from Target, hehe),

  • A plate of your favorite finger sandwiches and an appetite for tea and cake.

We'll privide tea (Black, Green, White, Chai, Roobios, Herbal, Oolong, you name it... its in the Tea Cupboard) and china teapots, cups and saucers and enough baked goods to sink Amsterdam.

When: 8pm, December 31st (7pm if you want to help decorate)

Where: 1169 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA, 95050

RSVP Much Appreciated. Last minute attendees, Please don't hesitate to Join us!

As Always, everyone is welcome!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sunnyvale Steam Con Pics are Up!

The 2008 Steam Con was a wild success!

Our unedited, blurry, fabulous, too dark and comical pictures can be seen here. Editing will occur as time allows:


Thank you to all the lovely people who posed while I tried to get my camera to work!

Additionally, all the Zeppelin Airmail Delivery Letters (and two industrious replies!) can be read at the link below!

http://joejohnson.smugmug.com/gallery/6325925_T7QJt/1/398983848_BCZpcThe Steampunk Letter Project was a roaring success, and my darling students were thrilled to get their replies. I think we struck a blow for good where this one set of creative teens in involved.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to get a letter!Cheers!

Friday, September 19, 2008

SteamPunk Adventure at the Academy Of Sciences

Its Time, Ladies and Gentlemen to investigate the darkest jungles of the sub equatorial rain forest and have our photographs taken in front of a charging Dinosaur.

The California Academy of Sciences will re open at the end of this month and that means local Steampunks have the perfect location for our next adventure!

So clamber into your best explorer's khaki, don those pith helmets, bring photographic equipment and join us for an afternoon of discovery!

When: Saturday, October 11 at noon.

Where: The NEW California Academy of Sciences
Golden Gate Park
55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118

What to Bring:
Money for Admission
~Adult $24.95
~Senior (ages 65 and over) $19.95
~Youth (ages12-17) $19.95
~Child (ages 7-11) $14.95
~Ages 6 and under FREE

Small Children if you have them
Your Favorite Sandwich
Some Sort of Baked Good To Share
A Thermos of Your Favorite Steamy Beverage (or a Cup To Try Someone Else's)
A Camera

We hope to see you there!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Nerf Mod Party- San Jose, CA

Who doesn't need more shiny weapons that blow water, foam darts, or bubbles in their steampunk outfits?

As the Steam Convention approaches, we want to spend some time on our Military Accessories, so we are hosting a Nerf Modification Party.

We have a large, concrete slab known as our back yard, the perfect backdrop for spray cans of Primer or Metallic paint. We've got folding tables and newspaper and lots of sun to dry everything, plus witty conversation to amuse ourselves while said drying happens.

Want to Join Us?

Here are the particulars:

When: Saturday, August 30th, 1 - 6pm

Where: Our House in Santa Clara, CA -(We live here!)

What to Bring:

~Your own Nerf Gun, water gun, old hairdryer or other weapons like object to Mod.

~Primer, paint, glue, glue gun, brushes, wire, random bits from your tool, craft or sewing box, etc. (for those who are very new to Steampunk or don't have their own craft and tool supplies, we are happy to share our rather excessive collection of paint, primer, glue and bits for a small fee of $5)

~Snacks and beverages! (We have all the plates, cups and plastic forks we could possibly need, but we will be using power tools, so lets keep the booze to a minimum)

~Small children if you have them (we will provide chalk, dirt and books about pirates to play with)

~Sunscreen and/or a large hat (it gets quite warm here.....)

~a folding chair or stool to sit on

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Steampunk Ball- 9/6

A Victorian Ball in Space!

I just wanted to invite everyone to this Ball especially since so many people are going to the Ball at the Steam Powered Con in Sunnyvale. This dance will be very similar. You can learn a polka and practice your waltz, play test your bustle or robotic arm before the big Convention Ball.

This particular dance is being sponsored by PEERS- The Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society. They have been holding vintage inspired dances for over 20 years and they know how to put together a fabulous evening. Don't know how to dance? They'll teach you! (classes are right before the ball). Don't have a partner? They will provide one! Dance ambassadors will be on hand to coax you wall flowers off the wall... And if you are allergic to couples dancing, join one of the set dances (think every Jane Austin movie you have ever seen)

The crowd will include seasoned costume professionals, people in modern formal clothes and everything in between, so don't feel like you MUST have an astounding outfit to fit in. This is the perfect event for those new to Steampunk. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

Come to dance! Come to hear the ever engaging live music of Bangers and Mash (you may have seen them at Dickens Faire). Come to admire and be admired.

More information HERE.

Dinner before the Show!

Were going to....Delicious Lebanese Food!


120 W 25th AvenueSan Mateo, CA 94403

Reservations at 6pm.

Hope you can join us!

Even More Picnic Pics!

Here are the photos from the second camera....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tall Ships in San Francisco

Mighty Tall Ships, people. Probably some Sea Dogs out there too. Get your photo taken in front of a clipper. Climb aboard a Tall Ship and set sail...

I'll be working as a Pirate, but the rest of you might want to come for the fun. Just found out about it. Here is the link: http://www.festivalofsail.org/index.asp

Sunnyvale Steam Con Pub Dinner

St. Clair Aeronauts Events would like to invite anyone attending the Sunnyvale Steam Convention to join us for dinner at Ye Old Royal Oak English Pub in Santa Clara (just 3.5 miles away!)

Where: Ye Old Royal Oak Pub, 1240 Coleman Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050, (408) 588-1111

When: Saturday, Nov. 1st, 2008, 6:30pm (this is right after Convention events close and early enough to dress for the Concert later that evening...)

What to Bring:
~Money for dinner (Menu Here)
~A valid ID if you want to visit the Bar
~A Designated Driver if you think you will need one
~Small Children if you have them (its a family restaurant)
~Goggles (so we know you when we see you!)

As usual, Everyone is Welcome (costume or not!)

So, who will Join us?

Steampunk people are the BEST people!

What a wonderful Picnic!

We had a clear day, a bit chilly, though not unexpected in July in the City and everyone was able to dress in their woolen best in comfort. It was a large group, of the most charming people, and best of all, from the tenderest youth to the most young at heart, everyone enjoyed good company and high spirits for the day.

Where else, but among our Steamy friends can you hold baked goods and butterflies on the same afternoon. We stuffed ourselves on sandwiches and biscuits, grapes and brownies, quiche and bread and cheese, and washed it all down with blood orange juice or hot tea! Everywhere the conversations were lively ranging from beading projects to watch fobs, from our favorite plot twists in the best books and games we know to the most savory gossip we've seen in Faire politics or Washington DC. Ensembles were admired. Cards were exchanged. Carnivorous pants were inspected and lonely botanists (ask about the coconut) were pitied. For every person we lost to a previous engagement, two more would find us until we swarmed the cozy Conservatory, giving the amused tourists something to talk about.

And of course, there were Pictures! The full link is here:
Steampunk Picnic Photos

Thank You everyone for a wonderful Day!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Time Traveler's Picnic

Inspired by the terrific idea from jaborwhalky and equally awesome photos from same, http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaborwhalky/sets/72157600342037567/ it seems to me that the West Coast, specifically the denizens within carriage distance or steam train of St. Francis (San Francisco to some of you) aught to have their own picnic/photo opportunity/commune with nature this summer.

So lets dress in our steampunky best, break out the parasols and the checkered blankets, the picnic baskets and the goggles for a nice little get together.

Where: The Conservatory of Flowers Entrance at Golden Gate Park

When: Saturday, July 19th, Noon.

What to Wear: Its a Time traveler's Picnic. You could conceivably wear anything as long as you wear something! Consider this an opportunity to try out your new Steampunk duds, or to get ideas for what you will be wearing to the Steam Con in October.

What to Bring:
  • Something to Eat for Lunch: We'll have more fun with a potluck, so bring something for yourself and 3 other people and we'll have plenty. You are in charge of your own feast gear.

  • Something to Sit On: A blanket, folding chair, small stool, etc. Its up to you and various corset/petticoat restrictions and requirements.

  • Small Children: If you have them. This is a family friendly event.

  • A Camera: The better to document our adventures.

  • A Few Dollars: To get into the Conservatory. $5.00 for Adults, $3.00 for Youth 12-17, Seniors 65 & over, and Students with ID, $1.50 for Children 5 - 11, FREE for Children 4 and under.

And if you Tell me you are coming (Comment here or e-mail at stclairaeronauts@gmail.com) I'll even try to put together some kind of swanky favor to commemorate the day!

So who is coming?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Craft O Rama Rama

Everyone gots skills. Everyone needs new clothes, new lace, new goggles, a new Victorian swim ensemble....

Sounds like we need some crafty workshop time:

Fiber arts- Lace, Knitting and Crochet

Textile Arts- Costumes

Prop Arts- More Goggles! Steampunk tools and weapons. Minny bots. Steampunk walkie talkies!

What else sounds fun?

Potential Steampunk Events

Here are a few I thought of.... add your own and we'll run through the list!

1. Visit the Rosicrucian Museum in Santa Clara and have a pic nic in our SteamPunk best- SteamPunk AND Mummies! What could be better?


2. Go to the Beach in Victorian style swim clothes and build Steampunk sand castles and sand gears, and sand contraptions! (oh My!)

3. Visit the new Academy of Science in SF (with its living roof) and take some photos in the Rainforest (we were deep in the jungles of the Amazon when we saw it for the first time.....)

4. Have a SteamPunk High Tea.

I know there is more, but what catches people's fancy?

Monday, June 2, 2008


This page is the home of the St. Clair Aeronauts, an intrepid band of airship explorers determined to see the world (in considerably more than 80 days), to attend galleries and museums, hold tea parties and various other entertainments that can be found in the year 1850.

Please join us in our Steampunk Adventures!

~The Crew of the HMS St. Clair