Wednesday, August 24, 2011

St. Clair's Academy for Incorrigible Hoydens

My Fellow Aeronauts,

Recent travels on the Continent (the little European one) have led us to conclude that our Educational Horizons need broadening so we have established St Clair's Academy for Incorrigible Hoydens.

A Hoyden is defined as High-Spirited, Boisterous, and/or Saucy. We do not require that an Aspiring Hoyden be a Lady, or even Female, for that matter, just Incorrigible.

This Academy's purpose is to gather persons with Desirable Skills and set them to sharing said skills. We plan to meet at an Aspiring Hoyden's home for an afternoon to learn a trio of skills.
Students contribute a small tuition ($5 to cover materials and/or refreshments).

We will try to keep our Lesson Trios in line with our Steampunk values of Artifex, Soluta, Letalis (Creative, Independent, Lethal).

Topics currently planned are:

Soap-milling (How to Make "Anything" Soap, creative), Cold Process Soap-making (or Fun with Oils and Caustic Lye, independent), and Bath Bombs (lethal) in San Jose on September 25.

Some sort of Mod skills so that my Nook Color doesn't stick out at Nova Albion for October 23 (details are vague at present; suggestions or volunteers are welcome/desperately needed!)

Paper Gift Boxes (creative), Candied Citrus and Ginger (independent), and Chocolate Truffles (lethal) on November 20
The Hoyden Academy Team
Artifex, Soluta, Letalis