Monday, June 30, 2008

Time Traveler's Picnic

Inspired by the terrific idea from jaborwhalky and equally awesome photos from same, it seems to me that the West Coast, specifically the denizens within carriage distance or steam train of St. Francis (San Francisco to some of you) aught to have their own picnic/photo opportunity/commune with nature this summer.

So lets dress in our steampunky best, break out the parasols and the checkered blankets, the picnic baskets and the goggles for a nice little get together.

Where: The Conservatory of Flowers Entrance at Golden Gate Park

When: Saturday, July 19th, Noon.

What to Wear: Its a Time traveler's Picnic. You could conceivably wear anything as long as you wear something! Consider this an opportunity to try out your new Steampunk duds, or to get ideas for what you will be wearing to the Steam Con in October.

What to Bring:
  • Something to Eat for Lunch: We'll have more fun with a potluck, so bring something for yourself and 3 other people and we'll have plenty. You are in charge of your own feast gear.

  • Something to Sit On: A blanket, folding chair, small stool, etc. Its up to you and various corset/petticoat restrictions and requirements.

  • Small Children: If you have them. This is a family friendly event.

  • A Camera: The better to document our adventures.

  • A Few Dollars: To get into the Conservatory. $5.00 for Adults, $3.00 for Youth 12-17, Seniors 65 & over, and Students with ID, $1.50 for Children 5 - 11, FREE for Children 4 and under.

And if you Tell me you are coming (Comment here or e-mail at I'll even try to put together some kind of swanky favor to commemorate the day!

So who is coming?

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Joe said...

I can't wait for July 19th!