Monday, August 4, 2008

Nerf Mod Party- San Jose, CA

Who doesn't need more shiny weapons that blow water, foam darts, or bubbles in their steampunk outfits?

As the Steam Convention approaches, we want to spend some time on our Military Accessories, so we are hosting a Nerf Modification Party.

We have a large, concrete slab known as our back yard, the perfect backdrop for spray cans of Primer or Metallic paint. We've got folding tables and newspaper and lots of sun to dry everything, plus witty conversation to amuse ourselves while said drying happens.

Want to Join Us?

Here are the particulars:

When: Saturday, August 30th, 1 - 6pm

Where: Our House in Santa Clara, CA -(We live here!)

What to Bring:

~Your own Nerf Gun, water gun, old hairdryer or other weapons like object to Mod.

~Primer, paint, glue, glue gun, brushes, wire, random bits from your tool, craft or sewing box, etc. (for those who are very new to Steampunk or don't have their own craft and tool supplies, we are happy to share our rather excessive collection of paint, primer, glue and bits for a small fee of $5)

~Snacks and beverages! (We have all the plates, cups and plastic forks we could possibly need, but we will be using power tools, so lets keep the booze to a minimum)

~Small children if you have them (we will provide chalk, dirt and books about pirates to play with)

~Sunscreen and/or a large hat (it gets quite warm here.....)

~a folding chair or stool to sit on

Hope to see you there!

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