Weird Crochet Workshop

Weird Crochet
By the Hoyden Academy

Workshop Description:  Learn to use simple stitches to create curves, corkscrew curls, tentacles, or amigurumi critters. Try Tunisian crochet, or learn “one-stick knitting” (aka knooking or knitcrochet.).

Crochet Hook (NOTE: We will loan you a hook if you do not have one, but size choices may be limited, and you may not take it away with your project, even if your project is not finished. Sizes are standard, and hooks are available anywhere that sells yarn.)

Additional Materials (Not provided by workshop):
Your own yarn
Your own crochet hook (Size H, I or J recommended)

Links to online Lessons and Tutorials:

Instructions for different kinds of crochet stitches:
Video and Written instructions for different crochet stitches:

Video Tutorials on Different kinds of Crochet Stitches:

Crochet Edges:
Crochet Lace:

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