Basic Tailoring Workshop

Basic Tailoring
By the Hoyden Academy

Workshop Description:  Learn to adjust and fit clothing to fit your body.  This workshop is informational and will not be hands on.  Even so, if you want to bring clothes you have with Tailoring issues, we can spend some time at the end of the workshop troubleshooting.

Materials(Not provided by workshop):

Tailor’s chalk or pencils/markers
Measuring tape
Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine.

Clothes to Practice on:
Oversized Shirt
Oversized Skirt
Oversized Pants

Links to online Lessons and Tutorials:


Video Tutorial on tailoring a men’s shirt:

Taking in an Oversized Pair of Pants:
Video Tutorial on tailoring oversized trousers:


Video tutorial on how to hem pants:

How to Hem a Dress or Skirt:
Shortening a Straight hem on a Skirt:
Hemming a Circle or Curved Hem:


How to Put a Dart in a Waistband:
How to Add Vertical Darts to an Oversized Shirt to Fit Your Curves:
How to Add Diagonal Darts to an Oversized Shirt to Fit Your Curves:

Making Clothes Bigger:

Adding Fabric:
Adding Fabric to the Side of a Shirt to Make it Bigger:
Adding Fabric to the Back of a Shirt to Make it Bigger:


More Advanced Techniques:

More Hemming Instructions for Different Types of Hems:

More Types of Darts and How to Sew Them:

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