Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bustle Class Info

This class is now full. Please let me know if you would like to be on the wait list.

Note: Bustle examples Here

Bustle Class:

Where: Our House- 501 Raymond Ave, San Jose, CA, 95128
Phone: 925.787.2591
Time: 10:30am - noon- Visit local Savers Department Thrift store for interesting materials (Optional to class participants. This store is 3 blocks from my house and has a huge selection of used clothes)
Noon - 3pm- Make Bustles!
3pm- Tea Time (snacks and tea provided by your hostess)
3:30 - 6pm- Make Bustles
6pm- Break for dinner (probably walk to the Chinese or Mexican restaurants 2 blocks from my house)
After dinner- Finishing touches and cleanup

What to bring:
Bag lunch
$10 - $15 for Dinner
Whatever you like to drink (we have water and tea available but that is it...)
Pens, Pensils, Project book or paper for notes.
Newspaper (for your pattern)

Minimalist Bustle requirements:
Regular hand sewing needle
Thread to match your fabric
Between 1 and 4 yrd of fabric
Spool of ribbon at least 1/2" or wider (minimum 4 yards)
Seam ripper
Fabric chalk
Extra machine needles (mostly size 11 or 14)

For more complex Bustles add to the above list:
Contrasting fabric or fabric scraps (at least 1 yard total, more is always better for complexity)
Buttons (1 - Unlimited!), grommets or hooks
More ribbon in different colors and widths (you will need 1" ribbon to make proper ribbon roses and such)
Lace or other trim (even scraps can be useful, but you can do a lot with 2 yards or more (if you add tassel trim this becomes a dryclean only item)
Random fabric accents (doilies, patches, sequin decorations, embroidered bits, vintage scraps, beads, bells, tassels, etc)

I have access to at least 3 sewing machines. Bring your own if you like....

Fabric Types:
Brocades and upholstery fabric provide a firm foundation but do not always hang or drape nicely.
Linen always drapes beautifully and has a lovely texture. Get yours at a Bulk or Bolts End store for a reasonable price or buy something made out of linen at a thrift store. Don't buy linin at JoAnns. Its highway robbery what they charge!
Above also applies to wool and wool blends
Cotton hangs well, is durable and washable. Plus it breaths.
Crepe Back or Suade Back Satin is fine and nice and heavy. Do not get cheap $2 satin. It will melt in the sewing machine.
Home decorating fabrics also work, Sometimes. They tend to be stiff and scratchy or easily unravel. Check that they don't have glue on the back (used for furniture) and try to get things with at least some natural fiber content if you can.
Special occasion fabrics follow the same rule.

I have one machine that will sew thin garment weight leather.

Note: Ruffles require twice as much fabric as the length you want the ruffle. Pleats require 3 times as much fabric.

Fabric Stores:

Discount Fabrics: Two Locations- Berkeley and SF-
Fabrics R Us: San Jose-
SCRAPS (Goodwill for craft supplies, esp. Fabric and trim): SF-

I Know I will think of a few more things after I send this, so stay tuned for more...


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