Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years 2010- Steampunk Style

What a Wonderful evening full of friends, games, laughter, tea and song... yes, even song!

Once again we enjoyed ourselves far beyond what was expected and met some lovely new friends at our open invite New Years Eve Steampunk Tea Party. We ate delicious home made delights, drank gallons of tea and played parlor games until Midnight. Terrific fun!

Here are the pics: NYE Steampunk 2010

Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a terrific event!

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c said...

I was lead here by the list of vendors for the upcoming Albion Con in Emeryville. Im still getting up the nerve to attend a Steampunk event and may not be able to attend the con.

However, I would love to wear patches, shirts etc; in celebration of the fine work and cheerful comradship of the St Claire Aeronauts. Is their a shop one might visit to purchase such items or perhaps an aether based catalog one may order from? Im not sure if Santa Cruz has a dock for your company's Zepplins for deliveries; is land based delivery of such goods possible?

Wishing you all teh best in teh year ahead.
Ms. C.L.W