Saturday, February 28, 2009

Maker Fair Steampunk Letter Project

You too can meet Capt. St. Clair and his crew! Be a Part of History....Alternate History!

We will have a booth in the Steampunk Section of Maker Fair, Bay Area, 2009 for the StClair Aeronauts Zepplin Airmail Delivery Service.

We'll have parchment paper and pen and ink. We'll have Airmail stamps circa 1883. We'll have envelope paper and envelope patterns (we'll even have a little glue!). And, of course, we will have out fearless crew of Delivery persons in Uniform to deliver your precious messages!

So come by, and write a letter to someone at the Fair. You can pen a criptic message, or start a short story in the middle of the action. Make your envelope, address it and add a stamp and we'll make every effort to deliver it that day.

You'll hear our crew wandering the fair exclaiming. "Airmail, Airmail Delivery for...." Just imagine your own name there and take home a memento of the Steampunk Exhibit at Maker Fair 2009.

Want to see some letters from our first event? Check out Letters written for the Sunnyvale Steampunk Convention, 2008 HERE.


Kathryn said...

Congratulations on being accepted at Maker Faire! I plan to attend and would like to participate in your endeavor.


Anonymous said...

what a glorious service to provide! how fun...

hope to see you there,

Natalie said...

I was thoroughly impressed with your creative and generous Maker Faire activity. Bravo! I posted pictures and made a link to this blog... I hope you will come by and comment. I would love to spread the love for Maker Faire and the art of SteamPunk throughout the blogosphere!
And thank you. Alex loved making and sending his letter.