Thursday, January 1, 2009

Steampunk Tea Party Photos!

What can I say, but that Steampunk people are the Best people. What other group in the whole world is so kind, generous, entertaining and lively that you can invite 20 near strangers with an age range of 4 or 5 decades to a party and everyone has a great time?

There was tea! (Mmmmm.... blackberries)
There were Sweets and Sandwiches! (Walnuts and cucumbers and cream cheese, Oh My!)
There were Parlor Games (Charade - 0 - Pictionary Anyone?)

And there were 20 people in my livingroom, which, considering its size, is Quite remarkable.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful, joyful evening welcoming in the new year. I could not have asked for (nor arranged) better company.

Pictures Are Here (except for all the blurry ones of Leigh... will that girl EVER stop moving?)

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